Clinic levels

| Laser clinics 2008-2009 | 2.4 clinics 2009 |

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3


Advance RACE level

TOP RACE level

Course made for;

Course made for;

Course made for;

Sailors from 12 - 18 age with regional level

Sailors from 14 - 24 age with several years 

This course is for talent from 15 - 24 age

Sailing level to prepair you for national racing

experience in national regatta/trainings

with motivation for international racing.

Races in Optimist, Laser, Splash 420, 29er, 470, 49er

They who want to perfection their skills

This course will be over several days

Know the basic racing rules

Tactical sailing  combining with 

At Northsea or IJsselmeer


boothandling, starttechnics and boottrim

Before making the step from club to national racing

at each winddirection

Sailing at open sea


Course goals;

Basic tecnics will be understood

after this course the sailor can  race national championships

sailor learns strategy during the starts

The course is for them who want to prorgess without problems

and Prosails training events

up- and down wind sailing in all conditions

op Northsea and IJsselmeer

Teach to sail  with compass kompas.


Speed improvement at waves etc

Course participants quantity;

Video check of the sailor

Course goals;

Minimum 5 - maximum 10 

Course participants quantity;

After the course you have knowledge on open water


Minimum 5 - maximum 10 of same level.

Participants can solve their own problems


national selection can be started. 

Course goals;

Course fee;

basic boothandling, trim and tuning 

After the course your skill of

According website

hiking technic, he/she can train alone 

roll tacking & gybe


Excercise alone to make the next step

mark rounding & starts can be further trained



perfection by results improvement.

Ronald van Vianen (internationaal coach) with a topsailor 

Course participants quantity;

up- and downwind 

Minimum 5 - maximum 10 sailors.

will be introduced to improve till next level


At end of the course small races

Course fee;

will be sailed to check improvements

According prices at website 

per person or groups.



Course fee;


According website 

De course will be with one trainer assistant trainer

per person

or experienced topsailor.

Coach; Ronald van Vianen (national coach)