Who are we ?

  Prosails  sailcoach Academy is an organisation of toptrainers and coaches. They made talent development their profession for over more then 30 years. First they were mentioned Sailcoach.nl Academy, but at 2004 before the olympics of Athenes the name changed into Prosails Academy because we develop talent into world topsailors. We work together with different countries and coaches.
The last 6 years many olympic sailors joined our trainings and clinics
National sailing federations and Class organisations hire our trainers to train and to coach their topsailors for European-, World Championships and Olympic Games.

Since 2003 Prosails Academy runs their own  Prosails Racing Teams. General Manager is Ronald van Vianen. Ronald has been for over 45 years racing experience with topsailing and windsurfing. Has been director of a spanish national sailingcenter,sailmaker and worked as trainer/coach with several internatioal- and olympic classes.He was national and world champion as sailor .
At the last Olympic Games at Athenes he was the coach of chili lasersailor.


  The prosails team 2008 consist of following crew:
-Ronald van Vianen
-Eduardo van Vianen Dutch Laser champion 2002.
-Several world famous topsailors

  Why are we doing this?
We love sailing and especially racing ourselves and like to share our experience with other
sailors. We have the right trainers in our staff and we put as former topsailors the level high. This way we give sailors a lot of fun with racing and bring them to the top....... and..........
many times we make them even better to take the lead

How are making it?
Pleasure with sailing is our priority. Everybody is welcome if you want to progress. By training with more teams of different countries we can keep the cost low, we have the best training equipment, best facilities and knowhow. Further we make every year an individual programm per sailor, so you train at home. Prosails Academy must be fun, but we prefere to speak clear with our sailors.
That means we work with rules, behaviour code agreement for every teammember. Off course before every season, clinic we explain you how we work.

Do want to know more?  Donít hesitate to call us.